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We offer professional exterior and interior house painting in the greater Seattle area including Seattle, Kent, Renton, Bellevue, Maple Valley, Auburn, Tacoma and surrounding areas. Our services include top quality exterior and interior painting, faux and accent finishes, garage floors, decks, and specialty coatings for new or existing residential and commercial projects.
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Fee - Fi - FAUX ?Fum   - NEW

     Michael Carlin Painting recently introduced a complete arsenal of FAUX painting concepts.
     Are you tired of your white walls? Ready for a change? Or maybe you're feeling very creative.
     One way to jazz up that dull room or hallway is by using a technique called faux painting.
     Everyone is doing it, Faux and decorative painting can often replace colorful wallpaper or plain finishes. Marbleizing, stripping and sponging are only a few of the methods that can be used. 
     People can create their own color schemes as well. Softer colors generally produce better results, using several shades of one color in order to achieve an interesting monochromatic effect. "Camel tones and blues are making a comeback. Decorative painting can be used in many rooms, in many different ways.
     Bathrooms are a great place for sponging or other faux finishes. The paint will not steam off or chip away, something that commonly happens with wallpaper.
     Painting a large hallway can also prove to be more economical than buying wallpaper to cover the bare walls. Murals are one other type of decorative painting technique used from time to time.
     Murals can be used in odd spaces, it takes creativity to decide exactly what type of mural or other finish to use in unique nooks and crannies.

Getting it right the first time.

     The building industry has been plagued with a gigantic baby sitting problem for years?trying to get the Sub-contractors (painting) to get it right the first time without baby sitting them along the way.
     Michael Carlin painting took a very unique approach to solving this issue by determining why the problem existed in the first place, and then tackling it with innovative solutions.
     Not only is production up 25%-30%, according to Michael Carlin, but quality now exceeds all expectations. The builders we work with think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread because it saves them a lot of time during the construction stage, and eliminates putting out fires during the finals. They know the job will be done right, and on time.
     The problem was?to motivate workers to care about the customer’s needs. This is a difficult challenge with hourly employees who only think about their paycheck. Therein lays the solution, according to Carlin. We found a way to tie the worker’s pocketbook to the customer’s satisfaction. It’s taken a lot of work to pull it all together, but once we did, everyone began to win, says Carlin, the customer, the employees, and the company.
     It took the aid of some fairly sophisticated computer software, and some creative thinking, but it has well been worth it. The Superintendents are no longer baby sitters or firefighters. They can count on the job being done on time, within budget, and with superior quality?THE FIRST TIME. They can now focus on their real job duties of building houses, and we can focus on painting more houses.

All Hands on Deck!  - NEW

     Resealing your deck? We can clean and prepare the surface for you.
                      Starting with a clean surface will ensure a better bond with chemical sealants, and will result in a longer lasting seal. We use safe, biodegradable cleansers and the power of high pressure water to obtain phenomenal results.

Jazz up your Concrete - NEW

     Recently introduced! Our coating systems are great protecting your concrete floor and making it easy to clean. If you are looking for a durable, slip resistant seal coat system that comes in solid colors and is easy to clean. Our system is ideal for garages and basements. The Super Sealer has excellent bonding and durability characteristics. 

Solving Defects

     As defect litigation cost skyrocket, Michael Carlin Painting, Inc. comes to the rescue with their newly developed system that solves many of the builder’s headaches.
     According to John Carnahan, with Carnahan & Associates, the developers of the system, the Paint-Pak system integrates all of the necessary elements to assure a builder against painting defects. Not only does this process diminish defects, but other benefits are reduced cost, schedules being met, and higher quality product.
     These concepts are not new , says Carlin, most manufacturing industries have been using these techniques for years, but they are new to the construction industry. Have you ever heard the statement…”If you paint it, you buy it?? Most other industries inspect the product BEFORE it gets passed on down the production line. If you wait until the car comes out the factory door before any inspections take place, you’re bound to have hidden defects and higher cost, says Carnahan. The time to inspect is before it gets passed on and the next process begins. For example, the dry wall should be inspected by the builder before the painter starts painting it.
     The system starts with having a work order for each task to be completed and contains 1.)Task Specifications 2.)Procedures to follow to meet the specifications, 3.)Inspections Points along the way to insure the specifications are being met, 4.) Start & Finish date and time budgets, 5.) Inspection Sign-offs by both the Sub-Contractor and the customer to assure accountability against the specifications.

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