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We offer professional exterior and interior house painting in the greater Seattle area including Seattle, Kent, Renton, Bellevue, Maple Valley, Auburn, Tacoma and surrounding areas. Our services include top quality exterior and interior painting, faux and accent finishes, garage floors, decks, and specialty coatings for new or existing residential and commercial projects.
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Are you tired of your white walls? Ready for a change? Or maybe you're feeling very creative.

One way to jazz up that dull room or hallway is by using a technique called faux painting.

Everyone is doing it, Faux and decorative painting can often replace colorful wallpaper or plain finishes. Marbleizing, stripping and spongeing are only a few of the methods that can be used.

People can create their own color schemes as well. Softer colors generally produce better results, using several shades of one color in order to achieve an interesting monochromatic effect. "Camel tones and blues are making a comeback. Decorative painting can be used in many rooms, in many different ways.

Bathrooms are a great place for spongeing or other faux finishes. The paint will not steam off or chip away, something that commonly happens with wallpaper. 

Painting a large hallway can also prove to be more economical than buying wallpaper to cover the bare walls. Murals are one other type of decorative painting technique  used from time to time.

Murals can be used in odd spaces, it takes creativity to decide exactly what type of mural or other finish to use in unique nooks and crannies.

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