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We offer professional roof cleaning, pressure washing, roof treatments, exterior and interior house painting in the greater Seattle area including Seattle, Kent, Renton, Bellevue, Maple Valley, Auburn, Tacoma and surrounding areas. Our services include top quality exterior and interior painting, faux and accent finishes, roof cleaning and treatments, garage floors, decks, and specialty coatings for new or existing residential and commercial projects.
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Weathering and premature deterioration are the problems facing cedar shake roof owners in the Northwest. The two main factors contributing to this problem are the accumulation of wood rotting organisms and ultraviolet radiation.

As wood is exposed to sunlight and precipitation its surface begins a transformation. This change is known as weathering. The first visual change is the color. The red-brown cedar tone will begin to fade to gray. Over the period of about one year the surface of the wood begins to be colonized by wood rotting organisms such as algae, fungi, lichens and mosses. This colonization of the wood causes the roof to retain water longer and cause accelerated deterioration.

Another weathering problem for cedar shake roofs is ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun, which degrades exposed wood surfaces by breaking down cell wall material.

We use all methods available, from the dry method, which uses air, to the most common method, which is water cleaning. Our experienced technicians are essential to the cleaning of your roof.

The first step in combating premature roof deterioration is keeping the roof clean. The bottom line: A clean roof does not retain water like a roof covered in moss, fungi and debris.

Water cleaning is the most effective method available, but the right equipment and expertise is essential. We use a moderate pressure and high volume flow unit that is friendly to all types of roofs. These high-end wash units are much more gentle on the roofing surface. Even the best equipment in the wrong hands can cause irreversible damage, and that is why we have well-trained, experienced technicians working for us.


Our treatment has the most effective fungicide approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. It also provides the best ultraviolet protection available. Our treatment will keep your roof looking great for years. Applying the proper treatment after the roof has been cleaned and repairs made is very important. If a cleaned roof has not been treated it will swiftly return to its former condition. A cleaned roof that has a quality treatment on it will remain fungi and moss free for a period of up to 4 years. We use the chemical called Copper Napthinate. By mixing it with water at a specified ratio, this product will penetrate the wood better and allows for breathing.

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